The ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme - Stakeholder feedback survey

The ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme has been approved by the European Commission and will launch in 2015 with a budget of around €50 million to fund European territorial research, analysis, tools and outreach.

For more than a decade, ESPON has been providing comparable, systematic and reliable territorial evidence to inform policymaking at all scales. The new ESPON 2020 programme seeks to build upon this existing knowledge base and to carry through and deliver (1) applied research activities (2) targeted analyses for stakeholders (3) analytic tools, pan-European data and territorial indicators; and (4) outreach activities, events and publications. This will all be achieved through a new streamlined administrative setup and single beneficiary, the ESPON EGTC.

In order to ensure the new ESPON 2020 programme continues to meet the needs of policymakers and to inform policy development, the Managing Authority of the ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme is currently conducting a survey of our stakeholders.

The intention is to use the results of this consultation to set the baseline for the ESPON 2020 programme. In this way, we can measure the performance of the new programme in achieving objectives.

The Managing Authority of the ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme would therefore like to invite you to complete the survey which is available at:

The survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes and your feedback would be highly appreciated. Please note that all responses to the survey will be treated in strict confidence.

We would be very grateful if you could complete the survey and provide your feedback by 30 June 2015, at the latest.

You can read more about the ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme by accessing the Programme document below under “pour en savoir plus” and at the ESPON 2013 website -

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