Recruitments of the ESPON EGTC

The ESPON EGTC - EUROPEAN NODE FOR TERRITORIAL EVIDENCE - based in Luxembourg is recruiting new staff members to join the international team working on European territorial evidence relevant for policy making. The ESPON EGTC shall implement the Single Operation under the ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme.

Job vacancies

  • Lawyer/European and Luxembourg law
  • Project Expert/Data, Toolbox and IT
  • Project Expert/Policy and Projects

For more information on the ESPON 2020 Programme and the full job description please follow the link below under "Pour en savoir plus".

The deadline for submitting applications is 16 June 2015.

The three Belgian Regions and Luxembourg (represented by Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure; Department for Spatial Planning) are members of the ESPON EGTC.

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